PhD European Graduate School
MFA San Francisco Art Institute
BFA Various Schools

Selected Exhibitions

2017 Internet Pop, Fata Morgana, Berlin (DE)
2017 Unauthorised SFMOMA
2017 On Paper, Zwinger Galerie, Berlin (DE) 
2017 The Early Days, Kreuzberg Pavillion, Berlin (DE) 
2016 Maps-DNA-And-Spam, curated by Micahel Demers
2016 CICA Museum, Syeonggi-do (KR)
2016 Musem of Capitalism, curated by Marco Roso (DIS), Hartware MedienKunstVerein (HMKV), Dortmund (DE)
2016 Femme, Atelie Ale, Sao Paulo (BR)
2016 1810 Gallery, Sacramento, CA (USA)
2016 M5Arts, Sacramento, CA (USA)
2015 Wie wenn am Feiertage/If we took a holiday, Zwinger Galerie, Berlin (DE)
2009 AFTER TASTE Wall Gallery, Berlin (DE)
2007 “Achtung fsk18”-vol 2, Berlin (DE)
2006 Pierogi Flatfile Show Artnews Projects, Berlin (DE)
1999 Size Matters, Gale Gates, NYC (USA)
1999 ARTWORKS, MOMA online curated by Alan McCollum, NYC (USA)
1999 Room with a View, curated by Mike Weis and Jeff Gleich, NYC (USA)
1998 Pet Show, Bronwyn Keenan Gallery, NYC (USA)
1998 Performance, Knitting Factory, NYC (USA)
1998 Outpost Video, Kitchen, NYC (USA)
1998 Susan Sontag Show Directed by Michael Portnoy, performance,P.S.122 NYC (USA)
1998 Misanthropes curated by Alfredo Martinez and Chris Kelley, NYC (USA)
1995 Benefit Show, American Fine Art Co. curated by Colin de Land, NYC (USA)
1994 For Sale, Kenny Schachter, NYC (USA)
1993 High, Kenny Schachter, NYC (USA)
1993 I Was Born Like This, Kenny Schachter, NYC (USA)

Press and Publications
Featured in Under the Radar, ArtSlant 2016
Hölderlin’s Wie wenn am Feiertage extolls the vocation of the artist but by its incomplete status withholds confirmation of this calling”, Artrabbit 2015
Tabea Blumenschein:Spuren von Tabes Glanz” (Zeit, Masha Jacobs August 2015)
The Image Is Crisis, Nancy Jones, Published by Atropos Press, 2014
AfterTaste, artUS Winter 2008
“Lift and Separate: The Absolution of Consent”, artUS Winter 2007



I work with ideals of beauty and cultural expectation through media codes. Identity and gender constructs expressed in style combinations and codes, reference rituals and ideals. The relationship between images and how they penetrate us with persuasive visual codes in a range of constructs, prescribe normative behaviors and form our ideas of identity. Distilling the imagery down to stylistic forms, results in dialects of visual language.

As a visual philosopher and multimedia artist, I work to motivate reflection on the increasing challenges of reading the environment and to promote visual literacy based on critical thinking within this mythic world.



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Nancy Jones